Who we are

Our Motto: Accuracy and Punctuality.

Our Vision: To be a leader in legal and other translation services to provide accurate and timely services for helping people in organizing their life, business and future, create an accessible world by narrowing the linguistic barriers.

Our Mission: Having in mind the significant role which translation played in the history of Armenian People, considering the best traditions which were established during the long history of Armenian translation, we are working to provide our clients with the best services. We are dedicated to excellence by leveraging competitive advantages and technology with involved people, who have the highest value. Our services are aimed to 

  • Strive for customer satisfaction through high quality of products and services
  •  Foster a culture of trust, openness and mutual concern
  •  Perform our duties professionally and ethically
  • Do our best to satisfy our clients with a sense of brand value, warmth and pride.
  •  Work towards a sustainable society for the next generation.

Our goals include several important issues as we were established by people who think that in the current globalized World translation plays a great role in intercultural dialogue, and we see the need of strengthening the quality of translation and interpretation services. We do believe that we can make a difference in the market by our approach to the work and core values of ethics. We respect everyone’s right to be aware, thus our aim is to provide affordable services. 

As professional translators, we know that translating takes much more than just writing a text in another language. For that reason, we care about more than just words and their meanings; we care about people and their ideas. We want to help you cross cultural and idiomatic frontiers, get you to succeed in the globalized world we live in. And the best and only way to achieve that goal is by delivering translations of highest quality. All members of the staff of  “Gaudeamus” LLC are professionals who have graduated from the most prominent national and international universities, with many years of experience in several fields and different parts of the world. We are responsible and accurate, sensitive to our clients’ needs and committed to delivery dates. Above all, we are devoted to our profession: it is our pleasure to help you with everything at our reach, and we will always be there for you. We are more than a translation agency; we are a bridge —the bridge—for your communication needs.